Project Description

Tooth Whitening

Bright, white teeth will always be in style. Unfortunately, as we get older, we adopt habits that stain teeth, such as smoking or drinking red wine, coffee or tea. In fact, our teeth can get up to two shades darker with each decade that we age, and each year, patients work harder to maintain a bright, white smile.

OTC Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

While there are a lot of Over-the-Counter tooth whitening kits on the market, many patients who go the OTC route use the products incorrectly. Applying the bleaching solution on the gums, for instance, can cause gum recession, which is a leading cause of tooth sensitivity.

At Legacy Dental Health, we can help you achieve a bright smile the safe and effective way with professional dental whitening treatments.

Quicker, Safer, And More Effective With Legacy Dental Health

Unlike OTC whitening, our tooth whitening services in Sioux Falls, performed by Katie Reardon DDS, provide the following advantages:

  • Whiter teeth – the whitening products we use in our office are professional strength and more effective than what you find in stores.
  • Quicker results – why wait for your teeth to whiten with OTC teeth whitening kits? If you want immediate results, our professional tooth whitening treatment is the best option.
  • Treatment of deep stains – there’s a good chance that the OTC kit you bought won’t be strong enough to treat tough stains. Our whitening system is strong enough to produce noticeable results quickly.
  • Professional application – OTC whitening kits are subject to user error. Whether it’s leaving the product on too long or applying the bleach incorrectly, there are many opportunities to make mistakes. With professional help, you can be confident that you are whitening your teeth the right way.

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