Project Description


At Legacy Dental Health, we work tirelessly to provide effective solutions to tooth loss. It is our goal to restore your self-confidence and dental function through the most aesthetically pleasing and functional dentures in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Dentures are among the most common treatment options for people who are suffering from tooth loss. These removable prostheses replace missing teeth to restore a patient’s appearance and dental function. Dr. Katie Reardon Skinner utilizes the best materials and techniques to provide our patients with the most aesthetic and functional dentures we can make.

Fast Service

Timeliness is very important to us. We know you want to get your replacement teeth as soon as possible. We are proud to say that we can prepare your dentures before tooth extractions, if necessary. While saving your teeth is a priority, extractions may be recommended if restoring them isn’t possible. No matter the reason, if you have lost several teeth and are looking at tooth replacement options, schedule an appointment for a comprehensive exam with Dr. Katie Reardon Skinner and we will walk you through the best treatment options for you.

Excellent Support

Our dental team has extensive experience with making or replacing dentures and adjusting existing dentures. We use high quality materials to produce safe, durable and comfortable prostheses. Dentures come in a variety of material types. Dr. Katie Reardon Skinner will be sure to provide you with the denture design and material that is best for you and your individual situation.

Providing post operative instructions and tips on caring for your denture is also part of our dedicated service. We may recommend that you visit our office regularly for routine adjustments to ensure proper fit and comfort.

By wearing dentures that fit perfectly, you can:

  • Eat and speak normally
  • Keep existing teeth from moving or rotating
  • Smile confidently
  • Maintain proper jaw alignment
  • Keep facial tissue from sagging
  • Stay young looking

Visit our office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for an initial consultation and get your denture made in no time. Call us to inquire about our dental services or to request an appointment with Dr. Katie Reardon Skinner.