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Dental Emergency Services

A dental emergency refers to an issue involving the teeth and gums that your dentist needs to address immediately. While emergencies are not always painful, pain is a common signal that you have a dental problem that should be looked at.

Emergencies can range from a broken tooth or dental restoration to a bacterial infection. Each type of emergency requires a specific treatment that is better left in the supervision and guidance of your dentist. At Legacy Dental Health, we offer emergency services to address various dental problems.

Here are some of the common dental emergencies:


A toothache generally occurs when the dental pulp is inflamed. Inflammation can occur due to a number of reasons, including tooth decay, cracked tooth, infection, receding gums, broken or loose fillings.

In cases other than pulp infection, you may experience a toothache due to TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), sinus inflammation, wisdom tooth eruption, impacted wisdom tooth, or gum ulcers.

We will address and treat your toothache according to the cause of the pain and nature of the problem.

Chipped or broken teeth

A chipped or broken tooth is the most common dental emergency. In the event of a broken tooth, do not try to force the broken fragment back into its socket. In all cases, rush to an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Different cases of chipped tooth require different treatments. If you chipped the edge of one of your front teeth, we would normally smooth out the uneven edge and use composite to replace the missing part. If you broke a molar, we would replace the missing section with a crown or filling.

Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth is another common dental emergency. If you still have the tooth, we can still re-implant it in place. The sooner we do this, the higher the chance the tooth can be embedded back into the gum. If you have lost the tooth, we will replace it with a dental bridge or a partial denture.

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If you encounter any dental emergency, see us as soon as possible. In addition to the cases mentioned, our emergency services also cover broken dentures and crowns.