Project Description

Splint Therapy

Do you feel like you’re grinding your teeth at night? Do you wake up each morning with pain in your jaw joint, facial muscles or with a headache? Do your teeth appear worn? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’re probably suffering from clenching or grinding – which can occur at night or during waking hours.

While there is no way to cure the neuromuscular response that is clenching or grinding, Katie Reardon Skinner DDS has a solution to help protect your teeth from fracture and long-term wear through splint therapy.

The Solution For Teeth Grinding

A splint is an acrylic appliance that is custom-made for each individual patient. Splints can be fabricated for the upper or lower dentition, or both, depending on the scenario. Splint therapy helps to protect the teeth from long-term damage due to clenching/grinding or malocclusion.

Our custom-made splints provide the most comfort and protection for your teeth. In fact, patients who wear a custom splint have seen a significant reduction in tooth wear and tear.

Our splints are also:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean

Call our office today! Katie Reardon Skinner DDS and her dental team in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will help to fabricate a custom-made splint for you.